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10 Benefits of Downsizing

It’s no secret; downsizing your home is a big life transition but it does come with many wonderful benefits.

There are so many reasons to downsize. Sometimes it’s a choice based on exciting life events such as becoming empty nesters or retiring and you’ve planned for a new chapter. Other times it’s more about wanting a change of scenery, due to a separation or becoming widowed. The reasons are endless and highly personal. The great news is that downsizing doesn’t have to compromise your lifestyle, in fact, in most cases, it serves to improve it. Whatever your life circumstances, if you’re asking yourself if downsizing is right for you, we’ve made a list of great benefits we hope you find helpful:

1. A fresh start

Change can be scary but most of the time, it’s amazing, especially if you have the right team guiding you! Maybe you need the change of scenery to move on from whatever life transition you’ve recently experienced…or it’s just the right time. Regardless, there’s nothing quite like moving into a new place and that feeling of breathing new life into it and it into you!

2. A better fit for you

We’re not just talking about size. How long have you lived in your current home? Are you the same person as you were when you first moved in? Take this amazing opportunity to find a place that aligns with who you have become over the year and the things you want to experience. Maybe you’re looking to build strong community ties with people who share the same interests or maybe walking paths that are more accessible is what makes you happy. Whatever your interests are, you’ll see that aligning your new house with them will quickly make your house feel like home.

3. Cheaper utility bills

Living in Canada we get ALL the weather! AC or heat, you’ll save a boatload of money in a smaller home. Be ready to enjoy bonus savings if you move into a duplex or a townhouse with shared walls!

4. Lower property taxes

Doesn’t it feel like we’re throwing money to the wind with taxes sometimes? The thing is, when you’re living in a house that exceeds your needs in size, you’re kind of doing exactly that. Why pay more than you have to? A smaller home means fewer property taxes.

5. More disposable income

Besides the money you’ll save on taxes and utilities, you’ll also either be servicing a lower mortgage/rent payment or maybe no mortgage at all. Which of course means you’ll have more disposable income to put towards the fun stuff or any kind of assistance needed for care in the future.

6. Closer to family

You can look at this in two ways; there’s something to be said about having your loved ones over in a smaller home. It’s cozy and it kind of forces everyone to stay close and connect. The more obvious one is that you can move to be closer to the people you love, which means better accessibly and more opportunity for visits. This is especially important seeing as how according to the American Psychology Association: “lonely people have more psychological stress or experience it more intensely and that stress, in turn, tamps down immunity.”

7. Less maintenance

For most, cleaning or maintaining a home and garden slowly goes from a thing you do or maybe even enjoy to becoming a bit of a stressor. Time can be spent doing other things that are more enjoyable. Having a smaller house means less maintenance and cleaning.

8. Forced minimalism

An article from the Conversation, known for its academic rigor, states that “Clutter can make us feel stressed, anxious and depressed. Research from the United States in 2009, for instance, found the levels of the stress hormone cortisol were higher in mothers whose home environment was cluttered.” Being in a smaller home means you can’t amass as much stuff; there’s less surface space, drawers, closets, etc. Plus having clutter in a small house is pretty visible but luckily it’s also pretty easy to keep it from getting away from you.

9. Lower environmental impact

Besides using less energy to maintain the house, choosing a location that is closer to your loved ones and/or amenities means you’re also driving less, or perhaps you can walk to your destinations.

10. Better quality

With more disposable income, less space to fill and a recent downsize, you’ll have an opportunity to do those upgrades you’ve been dreaming of. It may be that luxurious Italian leather couch you always wanted or maybe the kitchen with dual ovens and higher-end counters. A case of quality over quantity. When you’re in a small house spending a little can have a greater impact.

The idea of downsizing can be overwhelming, that’s where we come in, relocating is inherently stressful and we get that! Our turnkey service was made to manage everything associated with transitioning your home from lived-in to sale-ready as quickly and painlessly as possible. For more information about home downsizing servicescontact us today!