A Well-Timed Downsize - Ideal Times to Consider Before Downsizing

Our homes hold many memories and for most, it’s a safe place to land, but, at some point, we all outgrow our home in one way or another. There comes a time when a reassessment is needed and questions need to be asked; is this place still, right? Is it safe? Is it a happy place? Questions that call for an honest look at current and future situations, be it yours or that of the person you're caring for. 

They say timing is everything but is there a perfect time to downsize? The short answer is no! But there are ideal times to consider before downsizing becomes forced and simultaneously more difficult for everyone involved. 

You’ve become empty nesters 

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Most parents have conflicting emotions when the time comes for their children to move out on their own. It can be a bit of an adjustment to see your kids fly the coop, or maybe this is an exciting new chapter of your life. From bedrooms to storage, suddenly there's a decrease in the amount of space needed and an opportunity to find a better-suited space.

You’re about to or have recently retired

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Retirement is a huge milestone and another opportunity for a shift into a lifestyle befitting current priorities. Some choose to travel, explore and get into more activities, while others spend more time at home getting back into hobbies and their community. Active, capable, and of sound mind, this newfound freedom and time provide an occasion to make the change before really settling in. 

Your partner is no longer with you

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There may come a day when you must say goodbye to your partner due to death or separation. The shift in companionship can be jarring. it's a time to convalesce or grieve, moving doesn't feel like a priority. For some, however, this change also translates to a shift in financial situations. A move is required for future financial health and longevity. Although not ideal, some comfort and closure can be found by moving into a new space.

The reality

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Most of our downsizing clients wish they had moved sooner and under better circumstances. The delay is understandable; moving is difficult for many, especially seniors. Some are proactive and make the move while they're still in control, but in many cases, our home downsizing services are requested by loved ones who are under siege. Either they can no longer care for their senior due to caregiver burnout or, their loved one has passed and we’re clearing an estate that has not been decluttered for decades. These clients also express regret for not suggesting a downsize sooner. Burdened with the task, it's rare that they have time or a desire to complete the downsize on their own and need the help of downsizing experts. 

Staying in a home that no longer serves current and future needs only complicates things for everyone else involved, especially if the change is eventually forced. With that said, this should be an open discussion with all parties affected and agreed upon together. If there is any resistance towards the process, this unfairly puts pressure on everyone.

If you think it might be time to start planning a downsize for yourself or for someone you love, call us now for a no-obligation consult. Alivio Solution is here to help.