Are you inheriting your parents’ clutter?

Are you inheriting your parents’ clutter? Eight tips for managing intergenerational junk
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We've come across this article written by ERIN ANDERSSEN in The Globe And Mail and decided to feature it as it does a great job of providing real-life examples of the clutter situation in our parent's homes.  

Unless your parents are complete minimalists or very organized, almost OCD with their stuff, you are bound to find yourself in a less-than-ideal decluttering situation at one point or another. In our experience, our clients feel burdened, overwhelmed, and resentful from the challenge. Often they are facing a high logistic and emotional turbulant time with either grieving their loved parent or trying to overcome their shift from independent living to assisted living. 

The article addresses the clutter issue of our elders, and how to handle it all. We at Alivio Solution see this every day. It's not just the volume but the act of having to sort everything, figure out where to bring put it all, the emotional process/fatigue, the stress, and the feeling of injustice. 

Many think they can do it themselves, and many can, but in the end, is it worth it? This article provides real insight into what most of us will inevitably face. What can take months away from your personal life and work responsibilities, will take us a week or two to complete. You do not have to take it all on yourself; leave it to the downsizing experts. We specialize in home downsizing, decluttering, and estate clearout services. Contact us for a free estimate today. 

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