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Senior Fraud and Scam prevention
Safeguarding Seniors: Avoid Scams

At Alivio Downsizing, we are deeply committed to protecting seniors from scams and frauds. Recently, one of our valued clients shared their experience of narrowly avoiding a phone scam, which served as a powerful reminder of the importance of awareness…

Autism awareness - SENIORS EDITION
Honouring Senior Autism

🌟🧩 Today, we commemorate Autism Awareness Day, a moment to celebrate the rich diversity and uniqueness of individuals on the autism spectrum. While the spotlight often shines on children and young adults with autism, it’s vital to also recognize and…

Senior on tablet
Alivio Downsizing: Bridging Gaps for Aging Parents from Afar

In an era where families often live apart, the challenges of caring for aging parents are more pronounced than ever. Many families grapple with the difficult decision of helping their loved ones transition into a retirement home, particularly when they…

Father and infant peacefully sleeping together in bed, creating a heartwarming and bonding moment.
The Compassionate Journey Of Furniture

In a world cluttered with possessions, Alivio Downsizing remains steadfast in its commitment to simplicity, compassion, and community. Compassionate Journey Commencement Alivio Downsizing transcends the conventional scope of streamlining transitions and organizing living spaces. Our founding mission extends beyond these…

Professional team cataloging items for auction with care and expertise
Effortless Downsizing with Auction Assistance

Embarking on the journey of downsizing or estate clearing and parting with valuable possessions is a significant endeavor. Ensuring you get the most value for your items is crucial. One often overlooked but highly beneficial approach is enlisting the assistance…

Emotional Well-being: Supporting Seniors Through Major Life Changes

Going through changes and experiencing new (sometimes unforeseeable) situations is a common occurrence throughout everyone’s journey in life.  Nevertheless, just because it is common does not mean that it is easy to live through.  This is especially true for those…

Estate Clearing: A Checklist for Executors

Have you been named an executor? At Alivio Solution, we understand how at a time such as this, the responsibility given to you may feel staggering. This is why we have compiled a step-by-step checklist for executors, to help you…

Supporting a Loved One Through Alzheimer’s Awareness

International Alzheimer's Day is a poignant reminder of the millions of individuals around the world living with Alzheimer's disease and other forms of dementia.

Empowering Executors: Elevate Your Estate Clearance Experience

Navigating the complexities and emotions involved in estate clearance requires careful planning and organization. Here are some steps to guide you through the process efficiently.

Simplify and Enhance: Transforming Your Living Space for Safe Senior Living

When contemplating the idea of downsizing or creating a safer environment for seniors who have chosen to “age in place,” it’s natural to envision a challenging and overwhelming process. However, our approach is designed to simplify this journey without the…

Downsizing? Key Questions to Consider!

Embark on a transformative downsizing journey, estimating effort, handling large items, and more. Alivio Downsizing streamlines the process for a stress-free adventure. Contact us at or 437-329-6873 to start!

The Benefits of Professional Downsizing Services

Regardless of whether downsizing is a recent decision or it has been the post-retirement plan for many years, a professional downsizing team can offer a variety of assistance throughout the process.

The Aging Process: Exploring the Impact on Seniors’ Daily Lives

Exploring Aging's Impact on Seniors' Daily Lives: Physical, Cognitive, and Emotional Changes & How to Support Them.

The Benefits of Professional Estate Clearing: Lightening the Burden of Grief

Losing loved ones is a natural part of life, but handling the emotional and practical matters left behind can be overwhelming. Professional estate clearing offers a way to ease this burden.

Fashionable senior woman with bicycle
Pride & Seniorhood: Celebrating Diversity

Unifying Pride Month and Senior Month, we explore diversity, achievements, and the importance of inclusion for LGBTQ+ and senior communities.

Alivio Downsizing
Hidden Tax Benefits: Tips from Heather Holjevac, Financial Planner & Advocate

Unlock tax benefits for seniors and their adult children in Canada. Alivio Downsizing offers compassionate downsizing services, complemented by insights from financial planner Heather Holjevac. Navigate deductions and credits for a smooth transition and optimal financial well-being.

Estate Clearing: How to Liquidate and Cleanout an Estate

The process of liquidating and cleaning out an estate may seem overwhelming, particularly if you have never handled it before. Perhaps you have recently inherited an estate or are responsible for managing one, and you are unsure where to begin.…

Springtime Moves for Seniors
The Benefits of Springtime Moves for Seniors

As we welcome the arrival of Spring, there is a sense of rejuvenation and transformation in the air. For seniors, the benefits of moving during this time of year can be particularly advantageous.

How to support aging senior parents.
How to support aging senior parents

Are you currently navigating the challenges of supporting aging senior parents? Rita Monteiro, owner of Alivio Downsizing, shares her expertise on the topic. Learn practical tips and strategies to help you and your loved ones thrive during this season of…

How To Take Care of An Aging Parent’s Home When Downsizing

For many, there will come a point in time when a decision will need to be made with or on behalf of an aging parent. How to take care of your aging parent’s home when downsizing is just as important…