The Difference Between Downsizing Experts and Movers

What is the Difference Between
Downsizing experts and Movers?

As the population ages and priorities change, more and more people are considering downsizing their homes to refocus some of their hard-earned equity and time on an improved quality of life. Implicit in this process, is the need to move. However, clients are often overwhelmed with the idea. Having seen many milestones in the home, most people amass A LOT of stuff over the years, which is completely normal!  As a military family that moves every couple of years, we have observed some missing components in the moving process. As such, we would like to offer some information to help inform your decisions and make what could otherwise be an arduous undertaking, a little less painful.


As you would suspect, movers move your stuff; these transport companies assist you in transitioning your property from one location to another. At their core, their service consists of a team of labourers who load everything onto their truck, move, and unload all contents at the new location. There is a notorious discrepancy in the quality of movers. We’ve all heard horror stories. Occasionally, they're familiar and helpful with transport requirements for specific items such as fridges, freezers, washing machines, and antiques, but this is by exception. As such, in the interest of avoiding any damage, it is wise to research the proper preparation of these items yourself or consult with a moving specialist who can provide you with some guidance. Unfortunately, many movers assume you know all the prep work required but if you haven't moved in many years, why would you know? 


Within the moving industry, are packers. They pack your stuff, simply put. In most cases, they are part of a different team or company altogether, which means another contract and another point of contact to manage. Packers will wrap all your possessions, load them into boxes, even garbage if you're not paying attention! As well, some packing services will disassemble furniture for transport, while others will ask that you have it all disassembled and ready for their arrival. Of note, packers are usually also unpackers and can be contracted on the other side. However, in our experience, this service has always been more stress-inducing than helpful. Being that all your heavier, larger items, are always packed by the sidewalls and at the back of the truck, away from the door, it takes a while to obtain a place to store all your small items. Since boxes are always unloaded first, unpackers start right away despite not having the needed furniture to store all your items. Before long, everything is scattered all around, leaving you with little opportunity to figure out how to organize it all.

Downsizing Experts:

Unlike movers and packers, downsizing experts are more specialized. We recognize that not all contents at your current home will fit in the new one, and this is an issue that is better dealt with at origin before any packing or moving begins, than at the final destination. We want you to be happy and free of stress in your new home! A key component is that we are value specialists. Based on your needs, as downsizers, we can advise on the items that are likely to fit in the next residence as well as the value of keeping some items over others. The majority of the items will be sold through online auction; furniture, instruments, tools, and technology, but also small items that hold value. The few items that do not sell, but are in good condition, are donated to local charities. The remainder is recycled to the greatest extent possible, with a small number of items left for waste disposal. Being obsessed with wealth preservation, community, and sustainability, as downsizing experts, we especially want to avoid seeing any downsizing by dumpsters. It only serves to contribute to more waste in landfills that could otherwise be used to help others and makes you no money back.


Rooted in our extensive experience with moving, and having a deep appreciation of value, we work with you for the best transition outcome possible. There are many details to consider for a successful downsize and that's why we offer an all-in-one moving service. Besides our decluttering service, we also can help you prepare your items for transport, enable a load and move, conduct a clean and preparation of the old home, facilitate and unload your property at the new residence and even help you set up compassionately and patiently. Perfect for those who cannot or do not want to do it themselves, we can be there every step of the way. Our service is scalable and can be tailored to your needs and budget. As our name suggests, our mission is to alleviate your challenge for a stress-free transition. We’re here to help!