How to address your parents downsizing needs?

Starting a discussion about downsizing with your aging parents can be difficult and uncomfortable, but eventually, it may be necessary. The process of downsizing can be emotional and challenging for everyone involved, but with the right frame of mind and assistance, it can also be a positive transition. Your elderly parents may not see it at first, but if done right, they will quickly realize that downsizing is the right choice.

Here are some tips on how to approach the subject of downsizing:


Clearly and openly express your reasoning for why you feel it's time to start considering a downsize. Help your parents understand the benefits downsizing can bring to their lives and perhaps your life situation as well. Whether you have safety concerns or want your parents to be closer to you, you need to express your feelings so that they see why you want them to move to a more manageable home. Go through your reasoning and make your intentions clear so everyone can express their feelings and concerns.

Ask questions

A refusal to talk about downsizing is a common roadblock and is stemmed from fear. Instead of getting frustrated, ask your parents to share their concerns and see if there are specific issues that can be addressed. They may feel intimidated by the process, not know how this will affect them financially, and most commonly, they may feel like they will lose their independence. The idea of thinning their items may also feel very emotional and overwhelming. Your parent's hesitation often comes from the idea of leaving the centrepiece for many fond memories. The key is to help them see that downsizing is an important step to living a fuller and happier life without the burden of their possessions that once served a purpose but now takes up mental space and causes subconscious stress.

Supporting your parents, and providing an easy-to-follow action plan can help them move towards acceptance, and often once in a home that better suits their needs, they realize that their concerns were not well-founded. 

Remain patient

Downsizing is not a day or even a one-week process. You need to give it time, and never rush the downsizing process. Several discussions, maybe even a few constructive arguments, need to be had so that your parents can express all of their thoughts and feeling. They need to feel comfortable with this crucial decision, so remain patient. It is also vital that you avoid judgment or criticism. You are there to support them so they can feel like they've played an active role in deciding their next living solution. While downsizing may be the obvious and best choice for your elderly parents, they may not share this view at first and will need time to come to this realization themselves. Remain positive and supportive so that the conversation can continue to move forward. 

Contact downsizing experts.

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