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How To Declutter Your Storage Room

Most of us- if not all of us- have a storage room.  The name of this area may be called something different in each household. The shed, the file room, the second office, the “do not enter because too much stuff could fall on top of you” room… you get the idea.

While the rest of the house may be pristine, there is still this one room full of items that acts as the rug to sweep a bit of dust under.  What are you meant to do with this room full of stuff?  The following will offer a few tips on how to declutter your storage room.

Do Not Start to Declutter While Feeling Overwhelmed

This may be easier said than done.  Especially, when you’re standing in the doorway of the storage room and the amount of items glaring at you makes you feel anxious.  Take a step back for a moment, and take a deep breath.  Let this be a reminder of how important it will be to take breaks during the process.

It is normal to feel overwhelmed.  This is especially true if you already know for a fact that you’ll run into some emotion-inducing items during this clean-up.  This leads us to the next step.

Put “Must Keep” Items in a Safe Place

If some special items come to mind right away, it is a good idea to find them, whatever they may be, and simply sit with them for a moment.  You’re allowed to feel emotional during this process.  However, do not let these feelings stop you from continuing. Take the time to acknowledge the feelings and the meaning that surrounds the items.  Then, put them in a different spot, in an already organized room.

Whether you decide to let go of these items by the end of the process or not, it’s best to keep them in a “safe” place until it’s time to decide.  There is nothing more worrisome than organizing to the point of not knowing where you placed a meaningful item.  Or, even worse, not realizing you had put them in a pile for donations.

Once you place them in a “safe” area, write down on a piece of paper where you are keeping them.  Keeping an inventory of items may be necessary depending on the number of items you’re going through.  Even if the item list is short, if it helps you to stay organized, and gives you peace of mind, do it!

Start with Four Categories

Now that some items have been put out of sight for safekeeping, it’s time to move on to what remains.  Many people start placing items in only two categories- “keep” and “toss”.  However, adding a third category for storage items, and a fourth for items to donate or sell, will help you organize things even more.  “But I have a ‘keep’ pile; why do I need a storage pile?”  That’s a good question!

As you go through items, think of how often you use the items in question.  

If some items are as seasonal as Halloween or Christmas decorations, put them in the storage pile.  On the other hand, if it’s something that you use daily such as a yoga mat, for example, that can be placed in the keep pile.

Within these four categories, you may find that subcategories begin to form.  The “keep” pile may begin to have an assortment of papers, or manuals.  These can all be filed, labeled, and stored, as you go along.  The “toss” pile may begin to be sorted based on whether or not an item can be donated, recyclable, or perhaps even sold.

You’ll soon realize that most of the work is being done as you go through items, and you’re already much more organized than when you started.  Be proud of getting this far!

Look at Everything That is Sorted

Now that everything is sorted, you can officially recycle or throw out whatever is in those two piles.  Then, place all of your donation items into a large labeled bag or container.  Whatever you decide to use, make sure it can be easily and safely transported.  Getting organized is wonderful.  However, if you pull a muscle or strain yourself while trying to store your newly-organized items, this won’t do anyone any good.

To prevent injury, many containers now come assembled with wheels specifically for easy storage and/or transportation!  If you’re worried about bringing the items to and fro drop-off locations, some organizations offer free pick-up services.  All of your local options and their guidelines can easily be found online, or by calling their customer service numbers.  If help is needed during this process, don’t be shy to ask someone you trust for aid.

Next, organize all the items you have decided to keep.  Depending on the layout of your storage room, different storage containers will make more sense than others.  For example, winter clothing can be kept in storage for many months of the year.  Find the proper way to store them with the space available to you, but in a way that makes them easily accessible when needed.

From bins to protective bags, there is a space-saving solution for everything. 

If ever you’re in need of inspiration,Pinterest is full of wonderful ideas. Just be careful not to go overboard with your spending!  Organization can become addictive, but staying within your budget is important too.

These four steps should help you be well on your way to a less cluttered storage room.  Now that every item has its own place, keeping everything organized will be much simpler. You can feel accomplished, knowing that your prized possessions are safe, your donations are helping others in need, and one more room is decluttered.

Need Help?

Now that the storage room is done, which room is next on your list?  It’s understandable if there is a room that still seems too overwhelming.  If it feels like it is simply too big of a job, and you feel the need to get some help, do not equate this to defeat.  You know your limits and that’s nothing to be ashamed about- it is more than okay to ask for help.

If you’ve been thinking of asking trusted Google for “downsizing solutions near me” but keep hesitating, imagine that this article is acting as the last nudge you need.  Downsizing is no easy task, which is why there are so many people available to help you.

The downsizing experts at Alivio Solution are here to offer aid with whichever aspects you need help with.  If this feels like a step that is too drastic, there is no need to worry.  Our team understands all the possible emotions that come with decluttering.

If you’d simply like to know more about our services or speak to someone about your situation, taking that one step is better than taking no step at all.   Whether you’re more comfortable with leaving us a message directly on our site, emailing us at, or giving us a phone call (437-329-6873) – we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.