Items Every Retiree Should Get Rid Of

Downsizing signifies a new chapter in your life, similar to changing the seasons. As you are transitioning through this new stage of your life, now is the time to make positive transformations to your living environment. Decluttering and sorting through your possessions can feel like working through a lifetime of memories, and it can be emotionally difficult to part with these items. Alivio Solution provides professional services to help declutter homes and restore a sense of calm and balance.

This article will cover items that everyone, but especially recent retiree should remove from their home to alleviate the stress that subconsciously manifests as a result of a cluttered home.

Unused Clothing

Old, unused clothing is usually responsible for significant clutter in many homes, adding considerable weight when you wish to move or rearrange.

Starting with extra storage space, you can comb through your items and categorize them based on how often you wear them. Many individuals that we work with tend to accumulate clothing over the years. Downsizing by removing the clothing items that you rarely use can alleviate the bulk of your household clutter.

Kitchen Cupboards, Drawers, and Pantry Items

The kitchen is often the source of clutter in a home, especially when moving or downsizing. The kitchen and dining room have most likely been a bustling area of the house where many family gatherings, lunches, and dinners have taken place over the years. As such, you may have discovered that you've collected many small appliances, large utensils, and dishes during this time.

If you are no longer hosting gatherings as often and your children have moved from the home, it is probably best to go through these areas of your home to remove the items that tend to become clutter. There may be various non-perishables, spices, and other products that have collected dust on the shelves and are no longer of value.

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Furniture Removal

Eliminating one or two pieces of furniture will save substantial space within your home. You can use various methods to get rid of furniture, including donating or selling in a garage or yard sale.

You can also opt to hire us for decluttering services, which include assisting with sorting your possessions into categories: keep, sell, donate, dispose and disperse.


The Japanese term "tsundoku" describes the predicament that many individuals face when it comes time to declutter their home: acquiring and collecting reading material for reading but never starting.

Books are often the bulkiest, most heavy possessions that become cumbersome during a move. Your priority here is to remove any books you've previously read and do not plan on re-reading. Boxes of books can often be discovered hiding in multiple areas of the home, especially in basements or garages. Of course, some books may have sentimental value and are worth holding on to, and you can categorize your books based on these factors.

A helpful option to consider for downsizing is donating your old books collection to your local library.

Old Holiday Decorations

Another important category is holiday décor which can take up a lot of space. Most people have bins full of holiday décor and if you know that you won’t be hosting large parties or won’t be using them, get rid of these items.

Old Children’s Clothing & Toys

Your children’s old belongings can drastically improve the space in your home. If you have kept all of their schoolwork, and baby clothes. and toys in your storage, it's time to sort through the clutter to see what can be removed.

You can take a trip down memory lane by inviting your children to look through these items with you and categorize these items together. You can determine and agree on the things that are truly worth keeping and which ones you are both comfortable parting with. The shared experiences, stories, and memories will live are more important than the physical item. Your children can choose which sentimental items to take back home, helping to reduce your clutter.

Downsizing Company in Toronto

Downsizing can seem like a monumental task, but it becomes easier when categorized and broken down into actionable stages of a process.

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If you feel ready to tackle downsizing and decluttering, you can hire professionals at Alivio Solution to assist. We specialize in downsizing and offer moving services for seniors. You don't need to feel that this project is a burden to you or your loved ones. We will happily assist you and your family with your decluttering and downsizing needs. If you are searching for a reputable downsizing company near you in Toronto, contact us at (437) 329-6873.