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The Best Gifts That Don’t Add To Clutter

Getting the perfect gift for a loved one can sometimes be difficult.  Whether it’s to celebrate a birthday, or a special holiday, no one wants to give a gift that will simply be put to the side to collect dust.  This is even more true for those who may be thinking of downsizing their home.  The following are the best gift ideas that don’t add to clutter.

Gift Cards for Experiences

Gift cards or gift certificates for experiences are a great option for those who seem to already have everything.  Many people tend to avoid giving gift cards or certificates due to how impersonal it seems. However, since these gift cards will be spent on an experience, rather than an item, it’s a two-in-one gift.  It can show the recipient how much the person was thinking of them, without having to add to the items they already own.

For example, a certificate to get pampered (haircut, massage, pedicure).  It is a suitable gift for anyone, regardless of their age.  Some companies even provide in-home services, so the recipient doesn’t even have to leave the comfort of their home. It would be a gift that they will never forget.

E-Book Reader

An e-book reader is a great gift for any bibliophile.  While it’s true that there is nothing like a physical copy of a book, e-book readers offer many advantages, including the following:

  • They hold about250-300 books per GB
  • They’re lightweight and portable
  • Built in dictionary feature
  • The ability to zoom in for easier reading
  • E-books are usually much cheaper than their paperback counterparts and there is a longlist of free books
  • Hundreds of books in one device means there is no need for books to take over a living space.  Books that are already owned can even be donated.  It’s a gift that helps save space!

Recipe Binder

Many people have fond memories of baking or cooking with loved ones.  Many times, the recipes used were written by hand and passed down through the family.  Whether they were written on cue cards, or on paper, the mere sight of a loved one’s handwriting of these recipes can be comforting.  However, these recipes can quickly accumulate.  If there is no form of organization to them, rather than being seen as a family treasure, they are instead perceived as part of the clutter.

To keep these recipes safe, and organized, many options can be found on Amazon.  For example, arecipe binder that has space for recipes, notes, and keepsakes.  With a little bit of preparation, it can make a heartwarming, (and organized) gift.  Even if the recipes are never again followed to prepare an actual meal, it’s the memories attached to them that are special.

A Homemade Meal or Dessert

Speaking of recipes, a homemade meal or dessert can also make a wonderful gift.  As long as all dietary restrictions are followed, a meal made from scratch shows that time and thought was put into it.

Best of all, once the dish has been eaten, all that is left is the container it came in.  This can either beeco-friendly/biodegradable packaging that can be tossed, or a pretty dish that the recipient can use for their own cooking.  It’s like two gifts in one!

Donation in their Honor

Another option is to use the money that you would have spent on a gift and put it towards a donation.  If there is a charity or a cause that is meaningful to the recipient, make the donation on their behalf.  Not only are you supporting something that they hold dear to their heart, you’re also helping others.

Cleaning and/or Organizing Services

Perhaps the perfect gift would be something that they would never get for themselves.  For example, if you know that downsizing is something on their to-do list, but are too busy to get around to it themselves, downsizing home services like those of Alivio Solution Inc. would be perfect for them.

Whether they need help with some hard-to-manage clutter, or perhaps they are preparing to move and feel overwhelmed, Alivio Solution is available to help.  Alivio Solution offers packages that cater to any needs, by offering the proper downsizing solutions to each unique case.

By calling us (437-329-6873) or emailing us with questions you may have about our services, you are taking the first steps toward getting one of the best gifts you can offer someone!

These are only a few of the best gifts that don’t add to clutter.  With a bit of creativity, there is a perfect, clutter-free gift option for everyone in your life.