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Tips for a Smoother, Less Stressful Move

Moving seniors can be quite different from previous moves experienced because of extra elements involved, such as health, mobility, vision, time restrictions, and home size. Preparing before can be the difference between a happy move, where everything goes smoothly and in an organized fashion, and a chaotically stressful move. Even if you have a team of experts packing for you, it is crucial to do some prep work for success. This article provides simple but effective steps to take for a better overall moving experience.

Declutter & Organize

Before your move, decluttering and organizing your possessions is a must! Take a few days, or if you can, weeks to prepare. This is key to avoiding getting overwhelmed by the task. Start by removing all items for donation and disposal. Even if your new home is similar in size, this is your chance to lighten your home with only possessions that serve you. Remember, the movers are there to pack and move, not clean up or sort. Unless you have opted for decluttering and organizing services, expect the items unpacked in the same state they were packed – organized or not.

Here are some suggested items to donate or dispose of:

  • Clothes that no longer fit
  • Clothes that are no longer in good condition
  • Broken items
  • Items that have not served you in the last year
  • Expired food
  • Any other stray garbage and recycling like disposable straws, utensils, or loose tea bags for example.

Once you have cleared the items for donation and disposal, you will want to focus on organizing like items together. Try to think of where they will go in your new home. Movers are going to come in and focus on packing and moving only. Move day is not the time to make decisions, especially If moving out of or into a retirement community as the move windows are generally very tight. The more organized the items are at the time of packing, the easier it will be to locate them in the new home.

Pack a Personal Bag

A home in transition is not a safe place for non-essential people, especially older adults who may have reduced mobility, vision, or balance. There are materials everywhere, movers are working fast and large items are in transit. For this reason, seniors particularly are often asked to vacate their homes, especially in apartments. Your personal bag of essential items needs to be ready the night before. Everything needed throughout move-day up until the team has finished unpacking, should be on hand. For example:

  • Important documents
  • Medications
  • Chargers
  • Basic toiletries
  • A change of clothes
  • Valuables
  • Option to pack a rolling suitcase

Albeit not necessary, if there are any items you feel more comfortable taking yourself, such as larger valuables, pack a suitcase on wheels.

Staying healthy on move day

Moving day is fast-paced and can be very overwhelming. Make sure you have made arrangements for your meals; know where you are eating and at what times, especially if you have medications that require food. Hydration is also crucial, so keep a refillable water bottle with you. If need be, set alarms on your phone or watch for snack time, meal time, and meds time; time can easily be blurred when overwhelmed. These will help keep your strength up throughout the day.

Final thoughts

Moving is one of the top stressors in life. It is always a good idea to seek support from family or friends. Feeling supported can be as simple as filling your day with low-stress activities such as a coffee with a dear friend, lunch with a family member, and maybe even a movie. Regardless, if you have done the pre-work in advance, you’ll feel more confident on move day.

If the thought of doing the prep work yourself overwhelms you, we can help! Alivio Solution Downsizing Experts can assist with more than just moving services. Reach out to one of our downsizing experts about our home downsizing and decluttering services today.