Alivio Downsizing

We understand that an in-home consultation isn't always easy to schedule.

Our free consultation can be performed in the way that best suits your particular needs.

We don’t want you to have to delay your downsize any longer than necessary; we’re here to help!

You, your loved ones, or a representative, along with an Alivio member are in the home for the consultation.

Sometimes being onsite, especially when the residence is not yours, can be a hassle. With access to the home, we can perform the consultation on-site with you accompanying us virtually.

Alternatively can also do it the other way around for those who prefer not having people in the residence until a decision is made. We'll walk you through the process virtually while you're onsite.

Basic +

5-7 Days+

We want you to get the help you need and nothing more.

The Basic + package affords you the flexibility of reducing your overall burden while keeping your budget in mind.

After clearly indicating the items that will be kept, we catalog all sellable items for an online auction. The remainder of unwanted items are sent for donation, clearing a good portion of the contents in the house and allowing for the most return on furniture and effects possible.

Once you’ve received your auction proceeds, you can then decide if you’d like to take over or continue with a guilt-free, hands-off approach and allocate the funds towards additional Alivio expert downsizing services.

Full Decluttering | Downsizing | Estate Clean-out

7-10 Days

Downsizing a home rarely happens as an isolated event.

For those who already have enough going on, our turnkey package is for you! Leave the downsizing process; weather it’s a decluttering job to clear your space, a downsize or an estate clearing, to the professionals and feel the weight instantly lifted from your shoulders.

After clearly indicating the items that will be kept, we catalog all sellable items for online auction, and the remainder of unwanted items are sent for donation. We then sort everything else for proper and ethical disposal. Once the home has been fully cleared by our team, it is ready to be handed over to your realtor of choice, our realtor team, or the rental agent.

*You may also opt for a surface cleaning.


7-10 Days+

As members of NASMM® (The National Association of Senior & Specialty Move Managers®), we deliver professional Senior Move Management® & Specialty Move Management services with compassion and integrity. If you’re looking for reliable and trustworthy moving services, look no further! We can help with packing, moving, and resettling.

Inheritance or early inheritance items can be shipped to those who live further away.

A front yard cleanup to increase curb appeal.

Brighten the house up with some paint and trending furniture/decorations for the realtor pictures.