Alivio Downsizing

Downsizing can be overwhelming; there are a lot of logistics involved to accomplish a smooth transition.

Our professional and compassionate team offers many home downsizing services customizable to fulfill your particular needs and circumstances. Alivio Solution works with residential customers looking for assistance in their life transition and with realtors and stagers looking to provide a value-add service to their clients.

Streamlining your downsizing services to one point of contact means less work for you allowing you to focus your time and energy where it’s needed most. Your downsize may have been a deliberately planned post-retirement or after becoming empty nesters. Or, like many of our other clients, it has come quite unexpectedly due to a separation, sudden loss of mobility, health issue, or a passing of a partner. Regardless, we know it can be a challenging time. You are given the flexibility to tailor our home downsizing services to fit your particular needs so that we can alleviate your stress and save you time and money.

Our highly organized team will help you declutter your home of all items that are no longer useful or wanted so that your next place of residence feels open, functional, and harmonious from the onset. 

Online Auction

Our first mandate is to help you get the best market price for your furniture and effects. We do this by determining which items are sellable, cataloging them, and loading them onto the auction website without removing them from the estate until the auction closes; efficient and convenient. Partnered with MAXSOLD, we provide the same level of service at the same cost for your sellable items, with the bonus of having all the additional home downsizing services managed by one company for time and cost savings to you.


Our second mandate is to re-purpose anything that does not or could not sell to help others in the community. We know that your items hold sentimental value. We want to honour that by reappropriating them to the many charities we've partnered with across the greater Toronto area.

Sustainable disposal

Sustainable disposal: Our last, but equally important mandate is sustainability. We will dispose of the remaining items correctly. Add-on services include minor fixes to the home, cleaning, landscaping, shipping early inheritance items to family members, packing, moving, and resettling. When it comes to downsizing your home, we are the most comprehensive, cost savings, and sustainable option.

When it comes to downsizing your home, we are the most comprehensive, cost savings, and sustainable option.

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