Alivio Downsizing

We know that clearing an estate takes lots of time and energy. The process can be lengthy and adds more work and worries to an already overwhelming and emotional time.

Our compassionate team will help you lighten your workload, and give you space to grieve and handle the many other priorities burdening you.

Similar to our home downsizing services process, our highly organized and discreet team will handle all unclaimed contents from your loved one’s estate so you don’t have to.

Online Auction

We understand that there may be a lot of items you treasure but cannot keep. With that in mind, our first mandate is to help you get the best market price on your loved one's furniture and effects. We do this by determining which items are sellable, cataloging them, and loading them onto the auction website without removing them from the estate until the auction closes; efficient and convenient. Partnered with MAXSOLD, we provide the same level of service at the same cost for the sellable items, with the bonus of having all additional estate services managed by one company for time and cost savings to you.


Our second mandate is to re-purpose anything that does not or could not sell to help others in the community. We know that your loved ones' items hold sentimental value. We want to honour that by reappropriating them to the many charities we've partnered with across the greater Toronto area.

Sustainable disposal

Our last, but equally important mandate is sustainability. We will dispose of the remaining items correctly. We also offer shipping of inheritance items to family members as well as add-on sales preparation services such as minor fixes to the home, cleaning, and landscaping. Streamlining your estate clearing services to one point of contact means less work and coordinating for you. Focus your time and energy where it's needed most. Alivio Solution's downsizing experts will alleviate the stress of settling your loved one's estate and save you time and money.

When it comes to clearing your loved one’s estate, we are the most compassionate, comprehensive, cost savings, and sustainable option.

If you are the executor of the estate and need help with the estate settlement process, visit our Clear Estate partner page and get a free 30 min consult. Settling an estate means lawyers, accountants, repetitive paperwork, and a lot of time and money but not with Clear EstateThey’ll handle the details in your place at a fraction of the cost.

For more information visit our packages page or contact us to book a free, no-obligation consult.

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